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About Muhammed Bakri

Muhammad Bakri. I’m a leadership coach and our goal is to help you find the inner leader within yourself

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Entrepreneur and global coach in leadership and management at the individual, business, and corporate levels.
Trainer in Effective Influential Communication and Master of NLP
A strategist is an expert in business and project development.
Previously, I worked as an electrical engineer and owner of a company of 20 employees with an annual return of more than $ 2 million. A husband, a father, and a global spokesperson And I do not forget that I am always a diligent student.

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The Story

While on a journey of changing my mind that was exhausted, I got a phone call: “Your grandfather is dead.”
My grandfather, whom I accompanied since my childhood, and who I drew with him to help people through his recitation of the Qur’an, passed away when I was 20, but before all that, at the age of fourteen, my father was unjustly imprisoned and his imprisonment was destabilizing my world at the time.
At the age of nineteen, the person I loved left me. This was what they call the first love, the love that I felt I had found a place where I could turn to and express my feelings and about myself after my father was imprisoned
Confusion increased on the floundering on the road towards education and a profession
All this put me in a difficult psychological state until I reached the stage of continuous alcohol abuse
I lost my friends who accompanied me just because I had a car, so I lost the taste of life, my self-confidence, my confidence in people and my worth.
At the age of 22, I called my father
And I said, “Oh, I finished teaching, also a month of taking the certificate, and as long as we agreed, if you like electricity completely for an engineer, and if not, I will give you the testimony, and I in the spirit learn what I love.”
My parents: “Ah, what does it mean?”
Me: “I registered Arabic history and literature at Al-Quds University.”
The continuation of the call is that my father forced me to cancel the educational registration, to leave Jerusalem, and return to work for him in the thing that I hate most (electricity).
All this led to a decline in my confidence and desire for life further
Until I reached the only refuge, it is Allah, and I decided to succeed in what I learned
I succeeded professionally and my sweetheart who left me became my wife and mother of my children
I explored the world of personal development, and there it was a complete picture
So I discovered true passion, my values ​​and my mission in life
And after investing in myself at the hands of top international coaches like Tony Robbins and T. Harv Iker
All of this coincided with the development of my own company in the field of electricity, which contained more than 20 employees and had also developed it as it converted its annual income from an amount of less than 800 thousand dollars to 2.5 million dollars,
During that, I developed my own training center and after three years, after I found training for individual people that would prolong the delivery of my message to the world, I decided to reach my message to a greater number in order to help people achieve their goals through their work by making it a passion and a message to be their source of profitable income.
Through my programs, courses, and lectures that undoubtedly make me reach to a greater number, I turn the pain I went through into a source of help with which I help others so that they surpass what they are and can live a life of happiness and enthusiasm
My mission: to make a difference in people’s lives and in their self-employment to live a life of happiness and enthusiasm through my programs, lectures, and personal trainings.

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To touch the lives 100 million people in the world by the year 2030

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Create an influential generation of people, leading our people to the summit and towards the top of the world

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To contribute to making this world a better place

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